I am an artist driven by interests in psychology, mysticism, and sexuality. Themes of spiritual practise and shadow exploration make frequent appearances, and my career as an amateur pornographer also strongly informs my work. I am also interested in mythology, the nature of consciousness, the body, human relationships, emotions, power dynamics, and alchemy. In my paintings, the characters are put in situations which emphasize the power of their feelings and the potency of their humanity and lived experience. The figures in my work are typically myself, my lovers and friends. Painting people is my way of honouring and reflecting on special relationships and connections. Although my paintings are often deeply personal and autobiographical, I strive to make them transpersonal when I associate their human vulnerability with the divine.

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  1. Hello Kara, I am the lady at post office, and finally I was able to go on your site during my break.
    I can’t understand very well because english it is not my first language…but it your interest it is about the women and some ideas around (like the last sentence of your statement…maybee the artist center( la centrale) was interest…chek in the web, because maybe your path it is this way( artist center) not necessary by the gallery first…after it can be more easy… it si just a felling… but I shear that with you 🙂
    Glad to see your work, and be a part the organisme CCL(conseil de la culture des Laurentides-st-Jérome) they give a lot of tool for the artistes and they work for us…work shop, grant, connection with the ”milieu artistique”
    good day 🙂

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